Science Workshop on “Science and Technology popularization among ST population of Nagaland”.

On 26th February 1:00 pm Khelhoshe Polytechnic Atoizu organised a one day workshop on the theme “Science and technology popularisation among the ST population of Nagaland, initiated by the Government polytechnic Seithekema. The event co-ordinator was Ms.Jandeno Jami,HoD of the Science and Humanities Department; the resource persons were Sir, Er. Ruokuobeilie Mere Sr. Lecturer in Automobile Engineering with the topic,” Impact of Science and Technology in our Daily Life  and revolution in the field of Automobile” and Sir, Er. Manu Chiero Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering with the topic “Internet of Things (IoT)”.

Er. RuokuobeilieMere,talked on the need of science in our everyday life and how technology is constantly evolving and its effects. He also discussed the revolution in the field of Automobile. After which it was followed byEr. Manu Chiero, he elaborated on the topicInternet of Things (IoT), he explained that IoT is the connection between a machine to another machine. He continued to describe how internet has evolved over time and that today whatever the mind can imagine it, can be manifested through the use of internet, thus emphasising on the power of theinternet. The workshop had ninety nine participants and six faculties from KPA. 

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