Department of Mechanical engineering


In today’s world, global marketing is aiming at improving the life styles of people by producing goods and services in large volumes and encouraging consumption. This also requires production facilities at different locations thereby harnessing the local available resources. In order to achieve this installation, operation and maintenance of machines is required for production of goods and services at large scales. This is true for any sector- buildings, roads, dams, canals,  agriculture, mining, textiles and so on. Machines with high speed, consistent quality and lower cost of production is generally required together with locally trained technical man power for installation, operation and maintenance of machines. This manpower should have the necessary knowledge and skills in the area of –

  • Selection of different materials for making products.
  • Selection and use of required manufacturing methods/ processes for making a product.
  • Selection and use of different machines for manufacturing.
  • Installation, operation and maintenance of machines
  • Maintaining quality of products.
  • Marketing of products.
  • Managing work force, etc.

North-eastern states have a very vast potential in the development of housing, roads, mining, agricultural, textiles, automobiles and construction activities, which depend heavily on the machines. A variety of agricultural, mining and construction equipment needs to be used and maintained for this purpose. The people should also need to be trained in such heavy equipment for operation and maintenance. Besides, industrial employment, there is a tremendous opportunity for self-employment in the area of mechanical engineering. Some of this are-

  • Welding & fabrication.
  • Metal casting- industrial & decorative.
  • Metal furniture.
  • Household products- kitchenware, appliances and utensils.
  • Manufacturing of parts/ components for assemblies and subassemblies.
  • Machine shop, etc.

The proposed curriculum has been designed to address these needs of the people of North eastern state and its people.

Centre of excellence in the field of Mechanical Engineering to meet global challenges.

Prepare the students with strong fundamental concepts, analytical capability and problem solving skills.

To equip the students to meet the need of the industry.

To develop skills for self sustenance.

To create opportunities and platform to pave the way for innovation.


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