Students Grievance Redressal Committee (SGRC)

As per the All India Council for Technical Education (Redressal of Grievance of Students) Regulations, 2019, The Grievance Redressal committee of Khelhoshe Polytechnic Atoizu (KPA), has been constituted as Students Grievance Redressal Committee (SGRC) consisting of the following members.

Sl. No.Name Designation
1 Er. Neisekho Chaya, Principal Chairman
2Er. Meyachuba, Lecturer, Dept. of Electrical and Electronics EngineeringMember 
3Er. Manu Chiero,Lecturer, Dept. of Mechanicl Engineering.Member 
4Er. Mucham Sophia Lam, Lecturer, Dept. of Civil Engineering.Member 
5Ms. Jandeno Jami, Lecturer, HOD, Dept. of Science & humanitiesMember Secretary
6Ms. Lhoulibenuo, KPASU PresidentStudent Member 

Functions & Responsibilities:

  • To receive complaints from aggrieved students/parents and examine the genuineness of the case.

  • To settle the issues amicably in a time-bound manner. 

  • To Introduce a reasonable and reliable solution for grievances of various issues received from students/parents 

  • To suggest ways and means for taking preventive measures to overcome any incidence of indiscipline in the Institute.

  • To Ensure that the grievances are resolved on time, impartially, and confidentially.

Click on the link below to navigate to grievance redressal portal.

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