Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Electrical & Electronics Engineering
 is a growing and one of the most sought disciplines in the field of engineering study. It comprises with the electrical engineering and electronics engineering.

It is originated by the electrical engineering. By the technically modernization of the world and computerization in our work field, it is necessary to use and understand the circuits and computerized devices in electrical & electronic field.
The electrical & electronics engineering (EEE) involves with the power. It can be existed in various forms like turbine, hydro, gas, fuel cell, solar, wind or geothermal energy. It involves the use, storage and generation of the power and energy.

To develop excellence technicians in the field of Electrical and Electronics Engineering for the betterment of the society

Prepare the students with strong technical knowledge and problem solving skills.

To engage students in life-long learning and professional development by giving them tasks that will involve self-learning.

To provide platform to students to build leadership and entrepreneurship qualities for their career development.

To impart ethical values and technical skills by conducting various seminars and personality development activities.